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Carbon Footprint Analysis

Why Companies Need Carbon Footprint Analysis

The Tax of Modern Times: ETS and CBAM

A simple definition Carbon footprint is the total Green House Gasses (GHGs) emitted by a certain entity. In order to simplify the reporting, the gasses other than CO2 are converted to CO2 equivalent numbers and a single number is reported. This process is called Carbon Footprint Measuring. Carbon footprint measurement is extremely important starting from small-medium enterprises to global tycoons.

Nowadays, raising awareness on carbon footprint to stakeholders, especially to employees is one of the top social responsibilities. Apart from the social responsibility point of view, every gram of carbon emitted will have strong financial impacts on companies. While putting sustainability in the center of future planning for organizations, carbon footprint has to be at the heart of sustainability plans.

The New Era of the Carbon Economy

Often, carbon footprint management only remains as the responsibility of environmental and sustainability departments. On the contrary, it needs to be digested by every bit of the organization. When considering new investments, impact of Carbon Economy always needs to be considered together with elements like IRR and the payback period.

What is Carbon Footprint Analysis and How Does Resorsus Do That?

After providing a detailed Scope 1-2-3 carbon footprint measurement from the client, we assess the data gathered. After developing a block diagram, we focus on financial aspects and prepare several models that helps top management to understand and evaluate the weak and strong points of the organizations on carbon emission performance. While doing this, we make sure that people of the organization have an opinion about what the carbon economy is. Our purpose is to create awareness and maintain The Carbon Economy focus in every level of the decision mechanisms.

In our age; The Carbon Economy is not an issue to complete and proceed, but a matter that needs to be monitored constantly.

Resorsus is supporting organizations to be their fellow companion and third eye in New Era of Carbon Economy...


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