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Welcome to Your Path to Net Zero Emissions

Green Certifications for Your Environment Caring Commodities

To end the climate crisis; our biggest hope is for carbon capturing technologies to be developed in scale. And we want it now...


So far, the only technology that has applied in industrial the range holds only 4.000 tons per year, where our earth needs 10 gigatons removal per year to achieve the 2 degrees goal of Paris agreement. The process of the technology is that capturing carbon dioxide with specific filters from air then injecting to the water. Carbon dioxide solved in the water is then pumped to the underground. The process needs big amounts of energy and huge areas for installations.




Although we like the idea of capturing carbon from the atmosphere, there are challenges with the technology. High CAPEX and OPEX costs are making the technology hard to adapt. Also captured carbon is injected to water and pumped deep underground, which makes some geological engineers worried due to uncertainty in case of a tectonic movement.

We are pretty sure that the science will get there; but not that sure that would be soon... While hoping for the best we have to act fast for our one and only climate. We all know that there will be always Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. We need to find a way to deal with them...

Of course, the best way to fight the GHGs is reducing. And way to reduce is implementing carbon reducing policies within the organization. Second instrument is using the Best Available Technologies (BAT).

What is RESORSUSGREEN Program?

While waiting for a reliable technology to come, organizations need to respond to the matter as a part of their sustainability policy.

RESORSUS designed a methodology that balances a certain commodity, production line's carbon footprint, brings it to our net zero standards and certifies it. To provide the carbon neutrality, RESORSUS team searches the suitable projects for the process that are eligible to provide Voluntary Carbon Credits (VCC) with and provides the same amount of VCCs to back it up. To learn more about how the VCC are originated, please read this page.

How Does It Work?

Almost every step with RESORSUS starts with Carbon Footprint Analysis. Our experts model the carbon footprint of your organization and prepare a block diagram from first source to end user. Then, the client decides a whole or partial green certification to their commodities.

The RESORSUS team calculates the carbon emission amount that is equivalent to footprint of the commodity to be certified as RESORSUS GREENCOMMODITY. Then, that exact amount of Voluntary Carbon Credit is provided and retired as per RESORSUS's unique methodology.



Transparency is crucial for the process. Calculations need to be done neatly, VCC sources and retirements need to be declared with all the details.

Resorsus launches a dedicated web portal for the client. The portal presents the details mentioned above and chosen project details, their whereabouts. A downloadable certificate is also available on the portal.

Visit to learn more from here.

Outputs Of The Process

While acting socially responsible, organizations also benefit from ResorsusGreen program. Some of them are:

  • Providing green alternatives of their products to clients.

  • Giving a strong message of being a climate advocate.

  • ResorsusGreen portal is a well documented source to state the climate awareness of the organization.

  • These greenhouse gas mitigation processes can be center of sustainability works with limited efforts and in any budget set.

  • Action against climate warming always has positive motivational effects on stakeholders, especially on employees.

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