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Making the Steel Climate Conscious


Steel is one of the most important pillars of the modern society. We couldn't have our most sustainable tools like windmills, solar panels, bicycles, hydro electric plants without it. The vital functions of steel is also undeniable.

Almost two billion tons of steel is produced and consumed every year all around the world. The steel industry still needs time for their Net Zero, in means of production methods. Available technologies to be implemented are not on a commercial scale yet. From steel giants' commitments on their sustainability reports we understand that it will take time to get there, especially for the blast furnaces.

With background and ties in the steel industry, RESORSUS team has derived GREENCOMMODITIES and developed the GREENSTEEL program. We applied the specifics of the steel production with our team's experience. We have defined the methodologies to balance the carbon footprint of both still production methods of Blast Furnaces and ARC Furnaces (together with induction furnaces).

Similar with RESORSUSGREEN Commodities, we work with the client on their Carbon Footprint Analysis. Based on the quantity to be greenified, we provide Carbon Credits from the relevant projects. The number of carbon credits are calculated according to our methodology which corresponds to steel amount to be green certified.


The entire process is reported on the RESORSUSGREEN portal and a certificate is issued to provide the clients a green alternative of the steel they need.

You may read here for more details on RESORSUSGREEN Steel and here to understand voluntary green house gas mitigation.

Please contact us to learn more about our methodology and further details.

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